Sooner or later, quite a few folks who retire come to the point where they think long and hard about their legacy. Will they have enough money to leave for their children and grandchildren? If there is a family business then there is the question about succession.

Most of these concerns can be addressed with the creation of a will. This will direct your desires after you are gone and ensure that your legacy is as wished. A will can help you shape your vision for your family long after you are gone and for many generations to come.

It can also go a long way towards meeting your expectation of the values that you expect your family to live by and also help to understand the important of contributing to the community and world.

Giving more than Money

Giving should not wait until we have passed and should not be limited to assets or monetary contributions. We live in a world that is now connected more than ever and many people need information to help them make informed decision. The information here can be shared with all your friends and families so that they can also make the right decisions and also have access to the right tools and people to help them achieve their goals.

Make an effort and set this as a goal to share as much information as possible. The more you give or share is the more you receive. There is a tool that you can quickly send an email or text to someone you care about, so that they can also receive the benefits of effective planning for the future.